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At-home, kid-friendly volunteer and giving projects
delivered every month.

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Enjoy age-appropriate (best for ages 3-11) content, answers to tough questions,
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Take action through unique service
projects co-designed with
best-in-class nonprofits.

What's Inside

Every box experience walks kids through four steps, starting with an accessible overview of the issue at hand,
then empathy-building activities to deepen kids' understanding of others' experiences, then the volunteer project itself,
and finally a giving activity where kids can direct a $5 donation (included in every box) toward one of three relevant projects.

In our first box on homelessness, one of the empathy-building activities
is the construction of a simple home made of mini-concrete blocks,
representative of many majority world homes.

We co-designed our first volunteer activity with nonprofit partner New Story, an amazing organization
that provides homes to people living with inadequate shelter. Kids make a card and keychain
that will be delivered to New Story families in Mexico with their very first house key on it.





Plus a few more surprises....
We can't give every single detail away!
Where's the fun in that? :o)


What's To Love

“Finally!! I've wanted to volunteer with my kids for years but have never been able to make it happen until this box showed up.”
- Shannon, mom of four
“My kids had zero interest in this kind of stuff before but Alltruists makes it so fun for them. And they know they're doing something that matters.”
- Will, father of two
“We got so inspired we became regular donors to the featured charity last month and now feel connected to something outside of our day-to-day routine.”
- Chelsea, mom of one
"Thank you for helping me talk to my kids about tough issues like homelessness and poverty. The guides make it much less intimidating."
- Jane, mom of two

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