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Help Build a Well

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We all need water.

This activity provides a hands-on learning experience for kids and families to explore the importance of clean water for all. We’ve included fun, easy, and hands-on STEM activities, such as building a water pipe system and understanding well infrastructure. Explore and learn about innovative technologies for creating clean water with kid-friendly water filtration experiments.

Each box purchase provides a $5 donation to our nonprofit partner, charity: water and helps build a new well in Malawi.

  • Learning Materials

    Mini books that include an age-appropriate overview on the issue of clean water, real-life stories to build empathy, and instructions for learning activities, impact projects, and more.

  • At-Home Impact Activity

    Learn about using water responsibly with a water usage chart activity and pledge to conserve water in your own home. Place removable stickers with friendly reminders near faucets, showers, dishwashers, and other water sources!

  • Egg Timer

    A hands-on way for kids to track and measure their water usage at home - and to use in other learning activities in this box!

  • Water Filtration Straw and Purification Packets

    Experiment at home with different methods for creating clean water.

  • Build with Mini Pipes

    Learn about wells, pipes, and other systems for bringing clean water into homes with this STEM activity.

  • Sticker Sheet

    Decorate your Alltruists world map (or anything else!) with stickers to show the impact you’ve made helping people get access to clean water.

Our Partner

charity: water

Charity: water is a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in resource poor countries. 100% of public donations go straight to the field, where charity: water funds sustainable water projects in areas of greatest need and works with local partners to implement them.

“I love being able to find hands on activities for the kids to do as they learn a new subject.”

– Kristen

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