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Support an Unhoused Family

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We all need shelter.

In collaboration with our nonprofit partner New Story, we've designed an experience for kids to learn about unhoused populations – and to support a family moving out of homelessness. Kids will make a card and keychain for a family in Mexico as they move into a brand new home (and get their very first house key!) that New Story has built.

  • Learning Materials

    Mini books with an age-appropriate overview on unhoused populations and homelessness, real-life stories to build empathy, and instructions for learning activities, impact projects, and more.

  • Donate a Keychain

    Create a colorful wooden beaded keychain that will be donated to our nonprofit partner New Story, who will give the card and keychain to a family moving into a brand new home.

  • Personalize a Card

    Color and customize a welcome card for an unhoused family moving out of homelessness.

  • Decorate a Door Hanger

    Paint a wooden door hanger to keep as a reminder to practice gratitude for your own home.

  • Build a Mini House

    Learn about how many others live with this hands-on activity. Build a concrete-block house representative of a simple shelter in the majority world.

  • Sticker Sheet

    Decorate your Alltruists world map (or anything else!) with stickers to show the impact you’ve made helping unhoused people.

Our Partner

New Story

New Story Charity is a non-profit organization that provides homes to people living with inadequate shelter. The organization was founded in 2014 and has helped fund community projects in several countries, building over 2,200+ homes, and changing the lives of over 11,000 individuals.

"I can't recommend Alltruists enough."

– Brooke, mom of three

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