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Solar Light Impact Kit

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We all need light.

This activity kit provides hands-on learning experiences for kids and families to explore the life-altering impacts of electricity and light in rural communities.

We include fun, easy, and hands-on experiments for kids to discover the transformative power of solar light. Kids craft a lantern and run experiments with solar light, flashlights, and an electric candle. Each box also includes a fun color-in-card and glow-in-the-dark stickers, which is sent to a family without electricity in Tanzania along with a donated solar light. Our solar lights and cards are distributed by our nonprofit partner, Solar Sister.

Each box purchase provides a d.light solar lantern for families without electricity in Tanzania. The solar lanterns are distributed by our nonprofit partner, Solar Sister.

Shop Add-Ons for this Box

  • Learning Materials

    Mini books that include an age-appropriate overview on the issue of energy poverty, real-life stories to build empathy, and instructions for learning activities, impact projects, and more.

  • Color-in Card

    Personalize a glow-in-the-dark card to be given alongside a solar lantern to a family without electricity in Tanzania.

  • Solar-powered Light

    Experience the power of solar-powered light just like the one you’ve donated (with the purchase of this box) to a family in Tanzania.

  • Flashlight & Candle

    Learn and experiment with different light sources like a hand-crank flashlight keychain and flickering LED candle.

  • Make a Lantern

    Transform your Alltruists box into a lantern at home - and use your own solar light to power it!

    Option to add-on!

  • Sticker Sheet

    Decorate with cute stickers to remind you of the impact you’ve made with this Alltruists kit.

Our Partners

Solar Sister & d.light

Solar Sister is a nonprofit organization investing in women’s clean energy businesses in communities without electricity throughout Africa. d.light is a social impact company dedicated to creating quality of life by providing access to affordable and sustainable solar light products.

"We are love love LOVING this subscription box from Alltruists!"


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