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Food Insecurity Impact Kit

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We all need food.

This activity kit provides a hands-on learning experience for kids and families to learn about hunger and food insecurity. An engaging project for kids, our kit includes everything your child needs to decorate a reusable grocery store tote and personalize a card for families who visit our nonprofit partner – The Store – a food pantry in Nashville. Get hands-on about giving back with these easy learning activities for kids and families to understand more about the importance of taking action against food insecurity.

A $5 donation to The Store is included with every box.

Shop Add-Ons for this Box

  • Learning Materials

    Mini books that include an age-appropriate overview on food insecurity and hunger, real-life stories to build empathy, and instructions for learning activities, impact projects, and more.

  • Impact Activity

    Decorate a reusable grocery bag that will be handed out to individuals and families receiving much-needed food items at The Store.

    Option to add-on!

  • Color-in Card

    Personalize a card that will be sent to The Store along with your decorated reusable grocery bag.

  • Food Equity Activity

    Simulate stocking a refrigerator with different types of food items based on options available in food deserts.

    Option to add-on!

  • Global Dinner Party Scratch-Off

    Unique activity designed to help children understand how food insecurity is experienced around the world.

    Option to add-on!

  • Sticker Sheet

    Decorate with cute stickers to remind you of the impact you’ve made with this Alltruists kit.

Our Nonprofit Partner

The Store

The Store is a nonprofit organization that aims to provide a traditional grocery-store shopping experience for families experiencing food insecurity. They focus on providing fresh food options and healthy food options for their guests.

“ If empathy could come in a box for kids, this is what it looks like ❤️”

– Alecia

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