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Refugees Mini Kit

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This small (but mighty!) act of kindness invites your child to get hands-on in welcoming newly resettled refugee kids in Los Angeles, CA.  This kit includes an educational overview on the topic of refugees and  introduces a nonprofit organization making a positive difference. Kids craft and donate a friendship bracelet to Miry’s List, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and welcoming newly resettled refugees into their new locations. Each friendship bracelet will be provided to a newly arrived refugee child as a welcome gift.
  • Two Foldouts

    Includes an age-appropriate overview on the topic of refugees, activity instructions, and an overview of the important work our nonprofit partner does.

  • Friendship Bracelets

    Enough string for two! Create a custom friendship bracelet, one to keep and one to send in your welcome kit.

  • Color-in Card

    Decorate a friendly welcome card that will be included in the welcome kit.