Caring Kids

Anyone who has kids or loves kids pretty much wants the same things for them: kids who feel safe and loved, and who become caring, compassionate, confident human beings. 

What’s the best way to encourage this kind of development? Most of us spend a lot of time on our kids’ academics, sports, music, and the like. But how do we teach them the values that matter most?

In our own home, my husband and I try to make this happen in the usual ways with our four kids. We read books. We tell them stories from our different faith traditions. We praise kind actions. We talk a lot about what we think is important. And those things are great! But nothing compares to putting our beliefs into action together.

Values Into Action

Whether it’s making a welcome kit for a new arrival refugee child, or donating books to a local library, or making pull toys for puppies in a nearby animal shelter, or something else, when kids participate in helping others, they become certain that they play an important role in making the world better. 

Unfortunately, most volunteer opportunities are hard to find, even harder to schedule, and rarely are they inclusive of kids (let alone designed for them). And if our family's experiences are any indication, even when the stars align and we manage to get out of the house to volunteer together, a lot can still go wrong. New environments, tough questions about tough issues, different personalities and ages and abilities all bouncing off of each other while actually trying to do something productive... It's a lot to juggle.

Our Promise

Our team created Alltruists to give kids (and grown-ups!) a way to give back anytime, anywhere. So even when you’re staying in, you can still reach out. Each experience is themed around one big issue in the world and guides kids to engage with that issue in positive, meaningful ways.

My own journey of giving back began as a kid, and that's something I'll always be grateful for. Volunteering changed my heart, and set me on a path centered around service. Among other things, that path eventually led me to start Kiva, a nonprofit which has empowered millions of people around the planet. Every person, big or small, can help make our world better. And everyone can start today!

XO Jessica Jackley & the Alltruists Team

Our Impact

Since launching our brand in mid-2020, we are proud of the goodness we've put out in the world with our nonprofit partners and wonderful community. Together we have…

  • Thousands of Welcome Kits Created

    Our community of kids and families continues to personalize, create, and send love-filled care packages to newly resettled refugee kids.

  • New Well in Malawi Funded

    Thanks to funding provided from boxes purchased and through our incredible partner charity: water, we’ve been able to fund a brand new well to be built for a community in Malawi.

  • Hundreds of Reusable Grocery Bags Donated

    A favorite of both our customers and our partner The Store, hundreds of reusable grocery bags decorated by awesome kids have been given to individuals and families experiencing food insecurity.