Straw Water Filter Instructions

Straw Water Filter Video— Watch this video for a closer look into how the Membrane Solutions Water Filter Straw works.

Straw Water Filter Instructions— Read full instrustions on how to use the water filter straw and mainteance.

Videos to Watch

Educational Guides

Why Water? — This video by our nonprofit partner charity: water discusses the importance and effects of clean water on education, income and health for communities across the world (charity: water)

The Sustainable Development Goals Explained: Clean Water and Sanitation — Access to water is difficult around the world, and this video by the United Nations features water and sanitation export Leanne Burney on clean water and sanitation in the context of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (United Nations)

Celebrate Water — This clip by discusses and celebrates the idea of water on Water Day, reflecting on all the good things water gives everybody (

Backpacks not buckets: which morning routine would you prefer for your daughter? — This 1-minute video by WaterAid America showcases a side-by-side comparison of women and girls collecting water versus studying in school, calling for a need to create easier access to water (WaterAid America)

Bringing Clean and Safe Water to Boa Vista — Clean water and sanitation is key to prevent illnesses such as COVID-19, but some communities do not have access to safe water. This video showcases how UNICEF is providing a community in Boa Vista, Brazil with this resource (UNICEF USA)

Educational Guides

Let the Journey Begin! — Our nonprofit partner charity: water has provided kid-approved interactive resources to learn about clean water for communities around the world ranging from Cambodia to Rwanda.

Water Water Anywhere — Students and children in this activity will go through three stations to learn about the effects of water scarcity, covering topics such as water abundance, physical scarcity, and economic scarcity.

Water Survival Game — This game for students kindergarten through 3rd grade helps children learn about water inequity in Canada and Nicaragua, along with the challenges that communities face when they do not have enough access to clean water.

Paola’s Story — This electronic story book and educator’s manual tells the story of water wells and how it can provide greater access to clean water and sanitation around the world.

Healthy Water, Healthy Habits, Healthy People Activity Booklet — This downloadable free activity booklet is filled with ways for children and students to learn how to protect their health with proper sanitation and clean water while also understanding the importance of clean water.

Global 6k for Water Family Exploration Guide Resources — Based on the Global 6K for Water event, this guide contains stories and activities to help kids understand the need for clean water and tangible actions they can take to address the issue globally.

Articles to Read

Kids Books

Freshwater Crisis — There is the same amount of freshwater on earth as there always has been, but the population has exploded, leaving the world's water resources in crisis (National Geographic)

Finding answers to the world's drinking water crisis — Without a doubt, water is the most abundant resource on Earth. After all, it covers over 70% of the planet - yet despite this we are facing a looming crisis as a species (BBC News)

Water for All — This article from the World Wildlife Fund discusses the clean water crisis and its effects on freshwater, planetary systems, and ecosystems across the world (WWF)

How Humans Get in the Way of Clean Water — There are many cheap and effective ways to provide safe water to the world’s poor regions. But projects often fail due to inadequate planning, maintenance or persuasive power (Scientific American)

America’s Clean Water Crisis Goes Far Beyond Flint. There’s No Relief in Sight — More than 30 million Americans lived in areas where water systems violated safety rules at the beginning of 2019. This article goes through the history of the clean water crisis in the United States and how it has dramatically affected the health and livelihoods of communities in the US (Time)

Kids Books

Water for YOU and ME by Lola Schaefer (Author) and Peter Grosshouser (Illustrator)

Spring Waters: Gathering Places by Sandra Chisholm DeYonge (Author) and Peter Grosshouser (Illustrator)

The Water Princess by Susan Verde (Author), Georgie Badiel (Author), and Peter H. Reynolds (Illustrator)

We Are Water Protectors by Carole Lindstrom (Author) and Michaela Goade (Illustrator)

You Wouldn't Want to Live Without Clean Water! by Roger Canavan (Author) and David Antram (Illustrator)

Drop: An Adventure through the Water Cycle by Emily Kate Moon (Author)

Water for Everyone by Sarah Levete (Author)

Hope Springs by Eric Walters (Author) and Eugenie Fernandes (Illustrator)

Our World of Water by Beatric Hollyer (Author)

Nya’s Long Walk: A Step at a Time by Linda Sue Park (Author) and Brian Pinkney (Illustrator)

Water Is Water: A Book About the Water Cycle by Miranda Paul (Author) and Jason Chin (Illustrator)

Volunteering Resources

Websites for Kids

Tiny HerosRead about other young people called "Tiny Heros" who have started their own fundraising challenges for charity: water

Join The Spring — Join in supporting the work that Charity: water does by becoming a monthly pledge member (Charity Water)

Create a Campaign — Support and browse other individuals currently raising funds for clean water through Charity: water's campaign program and design your own (Charity Water)

Water for People — This organization provides a variety of different ways to get involved in supporting clean water through outreach, advocacy, and volunteering.

More Information

WaterQuestDeveloped by WaterAid, WaterQuest is a game where kids are sent on a quest to improve lives, help people step out of poverty, and help the village gain access to clean water and toilets.

WaterSense for Kids This website teaches kids by the United States Environmental Protection Agency teaches kids why it is important to conserve and save water.

Discover Water Developed by Project Wet, kids can play interactive games that range from topics such as soap and water science to fresh water systems.

WWF Free Rivers Through this in-depth, interactive storytelling experience, learn how wildlife, people and entire landscapes depend on healthy, flowing rivers.

Kids Go Global Students can learn about the clean water issue and explore resources and issues by taking action or working with potential NGOs.Text

Nonprofits Focused on Clean Water

Water for PeopleWater for People is a global nonprofit that helps people bring clean water and sanitation solutions to their communities for generations to come. The organization has helped millions of people across nine countries get access to clean water, sanitation solutions, and hygiene education.

Water Aid Water Aid international nonprofit with a mission to make clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone, everywhere within a generation. is a humanitarian organization dedicated to ending the clean water crisis in developing countries, one community at a time.

WATERisLIFEWATERisLIFE works closely with nonprofit partners, local governments and community organizations to focus on an integrated approach that ensures households, schools, orphanages and medical facilities have access to safe water, proper sanitation and hygiene programs.

Water for Good Water for Good provides access to clean water and works to make a lasting improvement in people’s lives in the Central African Republic (CAR). The nonprofit does this by working with the local people and building sustainability.

H2O for Life H2O for Life provides a service-learning opportunity for schools nationwide and worldwide to raise awareness about the water crisis and take action to provide funds for water, sanitation, and hygiene education for a partner school in a developing country.

Pure Water for the WorldPure Water for the World partners with rural and underserved communities to establish comprehensive safe water solutions that include the essential tools and education to serve all community members.

Splash Splash is a nonprofit that designs child-focused water, sanitation, hygiene, & menstrual health solutions with city governments in Asia and Africa. This includes high-quality water filtration systems, durable drinking and hand washing stations, improved toilets, teacher training, and hygiene education to ensure that kids learn healthy habits.

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