Summertime Activities for Kids that Give Back

Summertime Activities for Kids that Give Back

With school out for the summer, kids have a lot more free time to play, explore, and learn at home. For parents, this means looking for more summer programs and outside activities to help keep the kids happily engaged all summer long. Creating meaningful activities, starting important conversations, and getting hands-on with giving back is what we do best at Alltruists. We’ve put together unique bundles to help so that parents can more easily fill some of that summer downtime with meaning, connection, and fun.

Alltruists designs hands-on activities to help families engage their children on important topics, like homelessness or welcoming refugees — while also providing an experience that gives back to nonprofit organizations. 

To help parents start these conversations with their kids this summer, we’ve created two separate Bundles For Better.  Each bundle offers a unique curriculum full of great teaching resources and projects for your family.

Our Long Weekend Bundle is a great way to fill time together as a family this summer with three different boxes — each includes a different theme and volunteer or impact based activities. The long weekend bundle provides everything your family needs to fill summer downtime in a new way. The curriculum includes activities and learning materials that can be easily spread across three days.

The three topics included in this bundle are all about our basic human needs: food, water, and shelter. The We All Need Food box introduces kids and families to hands-on learning experience about hunger and food insecurity. We’ve greeted an experience for kids and families to support a family experiencing food insecurity.

This engaging project for kids, includes everything your child needs to complete the project from home. We’ve included a reusable grocery store tote that your child can decorate, personalize, and donate to our nonprofit partner, The Store. The Store is a food pantry that operates with the mission of allowing people to shop for their basic needs in a way that protects dignity and fosters hope. They aim to provide a traditional grocery-store shopping experience for families experiencing food insecurity.  The purchase of this long-weekend bundle also activates a $5 donation to The Store.

The second box included in our Long Weekend Bundle is the We All Need Clean Water box. This box provides a hands-on learning experience for kids and families to explore the importance of clean water for all. We’ve included fun, easy, and hands-on STEM activities, such as building a water pipe system, understanding well infrastructure, and so much more. Your child can explore and learn about innovative technologies for creating clean water with kid-friendly water filtration experiments. 

To design this experience, we’re proud to have partnered with charity: water. charity: water provides clean and safe drinking water to people in resource poor countries. Each box purchase provides a $5 donation to our nonprofit partner, charity: water and helps build a new well in Malawi. We love that 100% of donations to charity: water goes directly into the field, funding sustainable water projects in areas of greatest need and works with local partners to implement them.

The third box included in our Long Weekend Bundle is the We All Need Shelter box, which focuses on the importance of shelter for all. This experience connects your child to the experience of supporting an unhoused family. We’ve designed a hands-on crafting and learning experience for kids and families to better understand the important topic of homelessness and how we can get involved to help serve unhoused populations.

With a special emphasis on STEM, this kid-friendly project includes a mini-shelter building activity that guides your child through learning more about majority world shelters. Also included is a fun and easy crafting activity for your child to a create keychain, which are donated to our nonprofit partner, New Story. New Story provides homes to people living with inadequate shelter. The organization was founded in 2014 and has helped fund community projects in several countries, building over 2,200+ homes, and changing the lives of over 11,000 individuals. A $5 donation to New Story is included with every Alltruists box.

If you’re looking for more than just a long weekend to fill, we’ve also launched our Summer Camp Bundle series, which includes five Alltruists boxes for a whole week of fun! The Summer Camp Bundle is the perfect alternative for kids summer camp while at home. Our Summer Camp Bundle provides everything from great summer camp crafts to new ideas for volunteering and giving back. This series provides a complete week of unique impact projects for kids.

The Summer Camp Bundle series includes everything in the Long Weekend Bundle, with two additional topics included: welcoming refugees and solar light.

Our Welcome a Refugee Child box introduces kids and families to learning about the importance of welcoming and supporting refugees. We’ve created an experience to put your child’s crafting skills into action by decorating and personalizing a welcome kit for a newly resettled refugee child in the United States. To help create an easy and fun experience for kids, we include a prepaid return mailer to send welcome kits to our nonprofit partner, Miry’s List. Miry’s List provides a way for people to help new arrival refugee families with the things that they need to get started in their new lives, from diapers to beds to cleaning supplies and toiletries. Each family has a unique list of supplies that they need to get started and Miry’s List network helps meet their needs. A $5 donation to Miry’s List is also included with every box.

Summer Camp Bundle also includes the We All Need Light box, which provides solar light to a family without electricity.  We’ve included fun, easy, and hands-on experiments for kids to discover the transformative power of solar light in rural areas. Kids craft a lantern and run experiments with solar light, flashlights, and an electric candle. Each box also includes a fun color-in-card and glow-in-the-dark stickers, which is sent to a family without electricity in Tanzania along with a donated d.light solar light. Our solar lights and cards are distributed by our nonprofit partner, Solar Sister.  Solar Sister invests  in women’s clean energy businesses in communities without electricity throughout Africa. D.light is a social impact company dedicated to creating quality of life by providing access to affordable and sustainable solar light products. Each Alltruists Solar Light box also includes a donated solar lantern, which is sent to a family in Tanzania.


Whether you’re looking for a few days to fill or would like to plan an entire week of fun activities with your kids, check out our Bundles for Better. We hope you’ll join us in making the most out of summer downtime by meaningfully giving back together.


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