National Parenting Product Award Winner!

National Parenting Product Award Winner!

We’re thrilled to announce we are a National Parenting Product Awards Winner! 

Our Red Nose Day x Alltruists box was selected for the 2022 NAPPA Awards. The National Parenting Product Awards celebrate the best in family products and offer one of the longest running awards programs in the United States. NAPPA prides themselves on being the “go-to” source for parents and professionals seeking the best products for their children and families.

The Red Nose Day box was selected as a 2022 Parenting Product Awards Winner! This kit provides kids with the opportunity to customize a school readiness kit and help provide needed classroom supplies for a young child about to enter kindergarten. 

It also includes learning activities with an age-appropriate overview on poverty, real-life success stories, sticker sheets, coloring books, materials to build the kit, a Red Nose, a DIY photobooth complete with props, and a donation to Red Nose Day. You can learn more about everything that is included in this award-winning box on our Red Nose Day x Alltruists product page.

The National Parenting Product Awards also provide feedback from parents and product testers who have experienced the Alltruists x Red Nose day product. Here is some of the glowing feedback received on on this award winning experience:

“The box is really useful in providing a medium to open up a discussion about quality education and service. I’ve never seen a subscription box similar to this in its mission and social impact. What a wonderful idea.”

“This is an amazing product that teaches children about giving to others, but also has some things for the child to keep. The books included are inspirational and will motivate children to be empathetic and want to give to others.”

“I love that this gave us the opportunity to discuss important social issues with a means to demonstrate the impact we can make (by sending the kit to another child) and opened up a discussion about gratitude (by seeing the items in the kit are things we are lucky to already have).”

To learn more about the NAPPA Awards, you can visit their website. Or check out our other blog post announcing the Red Nose Day x Alltruists partnership, which highlights more important information on the product’s impact.

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