Create Small Acts of Kindness!

Create Small Acts of Kindness!

Small acts of kindness can come from many different aspects of our lives—from the daily conversations with our neighbors across the street, to daily strolls in the park with friends and family. But what exactly is a small act of kindness?

Here at Alltruists, we like to view small acts of kindness as a way to make someone’s day better. It has the potential to make someone feel good, or lift someone’s spirits up in difficult times in a small, but meaningful way.  Sometimes, a small act of kindness can be passed on to others, creating long-lasting positive impact. It is so important to be kind and put your desire for uplifting the wellbeing of others into action—you never know how much it could mean to someone, or if you’re helping at a pivotal moment.

There’s a million different ways to create, encourage, and inspire small acts of kindness in your family. Children are eager to contribute and give back. Here are a few of our favorite ways to support their participation:

Write a thank you note

Gratitude is key to not only your relationships, but also your own personal well-being. It’s important to teach your child the power of appreciation. Celebrating others' hard work and calling out the beautiful behaviors they have is important. Writing a thank you note is a small way to tell a classmate or peer, “Hey! You’re doing awesome.”

Allow your child to be creative with the note. Bring out stickers, pens, paint, glitter, anything really that would allow them to visually convey the appreciation. Write a nice message that explains why they are thanking someone for something, and how that made them feel. This practice of gratitude can allow your child to understand the importance of expressing positivity.


Sharing is caring

Sharing is a simple act of kindness. Sharing signals happiness and compassion to those whom you are sharing with, and it’s an opportunity to create a memorable experience. Perhaps your child would like to share their favorite cookie recipe with their class. This offers the chance to genuinely make something with intention that everyone can appreciate, turning the act of sharing food into a lesson about friendship, community, and of course, wonderful memories.


Plant a tree or plant of choice

The simple act of kindness doesn’t have to be for another person. In fact, it can be for the Earth! Take time to teach your child a new skill related to botany or plant nutrition, and put the lesson into action. Buy a pack of seeds at a local store and find a plot of land to place the seeds in, and follow the necessary steps to plant the seeds. From there, be sure to water and provide the area with enough care and nutrients for the plant to flourish.

This small act of kindness will help your child understand that the Earth deserves to be treated fairly and with compassion. We owe our planet lots of joy and kindness, and this small act of kindness is a simple way to show this gratitude.

Giving Back with Alltruists

Looking for other ways to make small acts of kindness? Alltruists has created a way to do just that with new Mini Kits. These mini projects will empower your child to incorporate small acts of kindness into their lives, allowing them to learn about big world issues and create something impactful in response. Our kits include quick impact activities such as writing a welcome card for a new homeowner, decorating a reusable grocery bag for a family in need, and making a friendship bracelet for a resettled refugee! 

By giving your child these kits, along with implementing some of the suggestions above, you can help foster positive approaches to empathy that will carry far into the future, and beyond!

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