Crafting Fun Summertime Activities for Your Kid

Crafting Fun Summertime Activities for Your Kid

Looking to create a summer your child won’t forget? Check out these fun projects for kids.

School’s out and summer is in full swing! Kids are bound to be full of excitement, looking forward to spending time with friends, and learning more about the world around them. As parents know, summers are a precious period for growth and engagement, and it can be a struggle keeping kids engaged throughout the day.

This is where fun summer activities come into play. From community service projects to family bonding outings, there are numerous ways to create a summer full of enriching experiences. You have the ability to create a moment that your child won’t forget. There are always opportunities to help inspire a newfound passion, an endearing hobby, or a career path that’s bound to create impact.

So, what activities should we do? This can vary per your child’s interests, so be sure to really understand where your child wants to direct their attention toward rather than forcing them to do activities you think are beneficial. We know that kids are curious and inquisitive, so this means giving them activities that will pique new interests. Here are some potential options for the summer:

Care for the Environment

Feelings of overwhelm happen to those of all ages when we learn about climate change. But encouraging your child to get involved and take action during the summer can help them develop into bold climate activists. If you have a garden or plants, take time during the summer to enjoy working in nature together. Gardening helps your child understand many principles: the biology of plants, what goes into nutritious food, and how the ground works. To take it to the next level, go out into your community and volunteer by planting beautiful flowers and trees in green areas. If you’re interested in developing new senses of appreciation for the environment, check out Save Local Bees activity kit. This educational experience provides everything you need to build a fun and easy pollinator hotel and plant flower seed paper in your neighborhood.

Learn about a new social issue in the world

The summer is a period where your child might see and experience the wonders of the world, but also, some of the issues facing it. Without the busy schedule of school, this presents a great opportunity for you to teach your child about a social issue that could be affecting your community.

For instance, homelessness is a global problem that is affecting communities everywhere. You can discuss the issue with your child by reading books and articles about those experiencing homelessness, and then take action by putting together resources for families in-need. In fact, one fun activity for kids is creating and donating a keychain for families moving into their new home.

Create a reflection journal

Let’s talk about writing down your thoughts and feelings. Writing can work as a vehicle to express ideas and emotions, allowing your child to better understand themselves and the world around them. First, this would include buying a journal, and your child can choose to decorate it with adorable stickers and colorful designs. Then, every once in a while, set a time and date for you both to write about a certain topic. Maybe it could be about your day, or it could be about a specific moment in time. You can draw, paint, tell a story, whatever suits the situation. Finally, look into sharing what you wrote with one another, reflecting on certain ideas or themes in the journal entry.

Help other kids get ready for school

Before you know it, your child will be back to school, ready to take on the new year. The reality is, however, that some kids might not be as ready—school supplies are out of budget, and some families aren’t able to purchase them. This gives your child the opportunity to empower and create school kits for other students to use, preparing them for a better chance at academic success. Everyone deserves a quality education, and this activity will teach your child the importance of quality education right as the summer ends, a reminder of its importance.

Create an impactful business

Social enterprises are businesses that use commercial strategies to give back to a cause. Challenging your child to start their own small, for-good business is a wonderful way to help them imagine providing value for themselves, others, and the causes they most care about. Invite your child to think of creative and fun ways to create something valuable. Is your child fascinated with cooking shows? Perhaps you could create a neighborhood bakery business or host a bake sale for a specific cause. Does your child like arts and crafts? Find a way to support their creativity and possibly sell something unique to their peers. Allowing your child to generate donations for a nonprofit of their choice also helps them practice philanthropy from an early age. 

Let’s create change this summer!

Summer activities can be at-home (such as Alltruists’s Summer Camp Bundle) or outdoors and in the form of easy, simple crafts or day-long outdoor adventures. The above’s educational experiences for kids are just one of the many ways to fill up the time with interactive learning and fun play for a summer you won’t forget.
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